Party Bus Sarasota Pricing

We have the most affordable rates in Sarasota! From our policy of no hidden fees to our package rates, we can't be beat!

We offer far more flexibility in pricing and packages!

Our ability to be flexible with packaging and pricing options has been a great advantage in making our service more readily available to our customer base. It can also be an advantage to you, as we tailor our rates based on outside factors like demand and costs, in order to keep our prices as low as possible. In light of this, we are unable to publish our prices. If you have any direct questions regarding current pricing, by all means contact us as soon as possible.

If your budget is a concern, we can help!

Our awesome booking agents are able to tailor fit a plan to work within your budget on most cases. One of the prime determinant factors in pricing is demand. So, naturally during high demand seasons, dates, and days of the week, prices will be higher to compensate for the added cost incurred by us to keep our fleet running with as little downtime as possible. If you can allow for flexibility with the day you are planning on running, then we'll be able to offer suggestions as to which day or days will save you money. If pricing is a budget concern for you, some simple advice would be to avoid wedding and prom season weekends, as prices will likely reach the peak during this spring and early summer season. Also, avoid days like New Year's Eve and St Patrick's Day.

We offer special rate packages for savings!

You'll find that we are able to offer package savings for certain event types, dates, and especially earlier times during the day:

  • Wedding trips for us generally don't happen during peak times during the day, so we are able to lower our time requirement and offer a better rate since it allows us to get use out of a vehicle where we normally wouldn't have opportunity to book. So, this is a case where we both win out! You get top-notch transportation at a really reduced rate.
  • We offer various services and packages that can be utilized by the local sports fan, as well as the out of towner going to see his or her favorite team on the road. This is a great way to make sure your entire group is able to enjoy the game as much as they'd like to, with out worrying about having to plan for a designated driver.
  • Ride out of town in ultimate style, and without breaking your bank. If you're headed out of town, be sure to ask us about our out of town package deals, and we'll get you there in style and with money left over to have a great time!

Whatever your need is, we are sure to be able to give you a great rate, and a superb customer service experience!

We offer affordable rates on all of these events!